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Author: Deborah M. Pratt

DEBORAH M. PRATT is a compassionate author who will take you on an amazing literary journey. Her book is a classic call to adventure into a thrilling story filled with mystery, wonder, and emotion. MIRRORS is an odyssey of courage, forgiveness, and family where ordinary young sisters must repair the broken bonds that pulled them apart, or never find their way home.

Ms. Pratt is an African American Writer, Director, Producer, Songwriter, and Novelist. She is currently Executive Producer (EP) on NBC's new "Quantum Leap" series. She was also the co-creator, EP, and head writer for the original show on NBC. Ms. Pratt also co-created, and was EP and showrunner for "The Net" for the USA network. Furthermore, she is a published author of "The Vision Quest" novels; a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series built upon the vision of a unified future -- with a unified earth about to be torn apart by the machines humans created to protect them.